Small communities located all over the world that come together to develop community and experience church online together

Our Microsites

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Meet every Sunday at 10am, 5265 San Palo Dr.

TLC Care Center

Meet every Thursday at 10am, 1500 W. Warm Springs Road, Henderson

What is Microsite?

Welcome to Microsites. A microsite is a community of believers who come together in a specific location to be the church to those who are unchurched and/or have no access to church. An example would be a specific community, a prison, a care facility, a park, etc.

A microsite isn’t just about coming together to watch a church service but it is a community who come together to serve one another and to specifically pour into the specific community they are coming into.

Who are Microsites for?

People from The Crossing that are burdened for a particular group or geographical area (homeless, downtown, assisted living, etc.).

Interested in serving through a Microsite?

If interested in serving or with questions about microsites please reach out to Michael Dean, Microsite Pastor at [email protected]